e3’s community transformation program equips churches to address the pressing concerns of their neighborhoods. We help them establish sustainable solutions to grow their local economies, reinforce the dignity of their residents, and encourage responsible use of their resources. Through our efforts, the Gospel is promoted and local churches are prepared to make a significant impact in the lives around them.

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  • Kapoeta, Sudan - SD17K

    August 19-29, 2017

    Are you looking for a God-led adventure among an Unreached People Group? The Toposa of South Sudan are a beautiful tribe who don’t know the love of God. Their traditional religion has them immersed in a demonic world of hopelessness and fear. Read More ›

  • Maisome Island, Tanzania - TZ18F

    August 1-13, 2018

    This expedition is considered to be an "Extreme Mission" because the team will pitch tents and set up camp in the very area in which they will be working. On this expedition, you will have the opportunity to spread the Gospel and make disciples on the Island of Maisome. Read More ›

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