Human trafficking has become a worldwide epidemic that plagues every continent, including North America. Posing as sympathetic paternal figures, successful businessmen, or wise religious leaders, trafficking rings target young children and their families by promising wealth and a new life. As their victims blindly follow, they find themselves trapped in a life of hard labor, forced prostitution, and/or physical abuse.

Using the PricelessCube, you can join e3 Partners in educating at-risk communities about the dangers and practices of these traffickers. As a part of our Community Transformation initiative, we then help churches identify sustainable solutions to stimulate the local economy and reduce the desperation that leads to human trafficking.

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Vital Statistics

# Enslaved Worldwide: 30 Million

Industry Annual Profit: $150 Billion

A New Child Trafficked: Every 26 Seconds


  • Sucre, Bolivia - BO17D

    July 7-15, 2017

    Sucre is the constitutional capital and the 6th most populated city in Bolivia. This will be a disciple-making expedition going into the community to reach the people with the the Good News. Read More ›

  • Cochabamba, Bolivia

    July 14-23, 2017

    Our team will be serving God in the foothills of the Andes Mountains high above Cochabamba in an area called Villa Israel. God has given Pastor Jonny Mamani a vision to start new churches in two separate barrios. Read More ›

  • Ethiopia - ET17H

    July 20, 2017 - August 6, 2017

    The Beautiful Gamo Gofa region of southern Ethiopia has dozens of people groups, many of whom worship in the Orthodox, Animistic, and Muslim faiths. They live a simple life with their families, crops, and livestock. Read More ›

  • La Paz, Bolivia - BO17E

    September 1-9, 2017

    Uncharted Bolivia will begin by worshiping Jesus in unison with our beloved ministry partners in La Paz. Next, the team will embark on a journey deep into the Andes Mountains to bring the gospel to unreached Aymara villages. Read More ›

  • Amhara Region, Ethiopia

    September 26, 2017 - October 7, 2017

    On this e3 Expedition, we will be spreading the love of Jesus through community development in partnership with believers in the Amhara region. This is an exceptionally challenging area due to significant local opposition to the Truth. Read More ›

  • Arua, Uganda - UG17N

    November 16-26, 2017

    Over 1 million South Sudanese have fled their country as war between major tribes moves toward genocide. The refugees (86% women & children; 64% under the age of 18) have experienced and witnessed terrible human atrocities. Read More ›

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