Discover how you can get involved in showing God’s redemptive love to the women and children of the Middle East. Go with us and become immersed in Islamic culture and bind up broken-hearted Muslim women with Jesus’ love. Through our Seen Events you will learn how to engage with Muslim women.

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Come with us to the Middle East! Jordan, Egypt, Turkey, Israel!

Go. See, taste and feel. Be immersed in Islamic culture and bind up broken-hearted Muslim women with Jesus’ love.  You will be forever changed.  Witness the veil falling off as the beauty of Jesus explodes from the ruins and ashes.


We will work alongside local, middle-eastern partners to host women’s gatherings and serve refugees, Holocaust survivors, and victims of extreme poverty.  Each trip includes:

  • Sharing your personal experience with Jesus
  • Prayer
  • Foot-washing
  • Home visits
  • Delivering humanitarian gifts.
  • Sharing tea and conversation.
  • Planting seeds of faith.

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Seen Events

Are you unsure what to do when you see a veiled woman? Speak? Nod? Run the other way? Come to an upbeat, lively day spent immersed in all-things-Middle East, as we pull back the veil of Islam.

SEEN: Behind the Veil is designed to help American women engage with Muslim women, inspiring them with good news from the Middle East.  Likewise, these events help remove imaginary (and sinful) veils of fear, prejudice, and ignorance that surround Muslim culture.

Check out this photos from our last event!


Spring 2016 New York City | NY


Would you like to host a SEEN event?  You can choose to host a full or half day event that inspires women to share their stories with Muslim women in the community.  Activities include tea, a visit to a local mosque, and meetings with Middle Eastern women in a local restaurant.  Email us at for more information.


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JoAnn Doyle

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Kathleen Flynn

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