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God is moving in an amazing way in Colombia! Only hours by plane from the United States there is an unprecedented harvest of souls ready to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ. The Colombian people represent a prime example of the warm and welcoming Latino culture.  A common saying is ‘the greatest danger about going to Colombia is you will not want to leave!’  After an investment of over two decades of ministry in Colombia, e3 Colombia is experiencing extraordinary growth.  The local church is being mobilized with great enthusiasm and faith.  Join one of our expeditions to Colombia to see for yourself the rich move of the Holy Spirit and the power of the gospel!

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Vital Statistics

Population: 46,245,297

Life Expectancy: 75 Years

Religions: Roman Catholicism (90%), Other (10%)

Languages: Spanish


  • Barranquilla, Colombia

    October 14-21, 2017

    Barranquilla Colombia is among the largest city in the country of Colombia. It is a key urban center on the north coastal region of the country. Barranquilla has been effectively hosting e3 Partners Ministry work for many years. Read More ›

  • Cali, Colombia - CO18A

    June 16-23, 2018

    Cali is a strategic city in Colombia. e3 Partners has been working in and around the region of Cali for a number of years with great success. In particular, the development of the e3 Colombia Mentor Network is very successful in training hundreds of pastors and leaders with the vision and tools for starting, strengthening and establishing new churches. Read More ›

  • Bogota, Colombia - CO18B

    August 4-11, 2018

    Bogota is the capital city of Colombia with approximately 9 million people in and around the majestic environment at the top of the Colombian mountains. Certainly, as the capital city, Bogota is a most strategic city in Colombia. Read More ›

  • Barranquilla, Colombia - CO18C

    October 13-20, 2018

    Barranquilla is a strategic city on the north coast of Colombia. e3 Partners/Colombia ministry is developing its efforts to establish our vision, approach and model in this key city with great momentum. Read More ›