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The 1994 genocide of the Tutsi people by Hutu extremists has cast a dark shadow over Rwanda’s economic and political landscape. However, the country is rebuilding. The capital city, Kigali, is slowly becoming an I.T. hub for east Africa and women now make up over 50% of the parliament, more than any other country.

The Church is growing and Christians are ascending into positions of influence, offering a bright future for Rwanda after a troubling past. Still, one quarter of Rwanda’s people groups remain unreached.

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Vital Statistics

Population: 12,337,138

Life Expectancy: 59 Years

Religions: Roman Catholicism (44%), Islam (5%), Ethnic Religions (3%)

Languages: French, English, Kinyarwanda, Bantu


  • Rwanda

    May 26, 2016 - June 6, 2016

    True to its name, “Land of a Thousand Hills”, Rwanda is a country of lush, beautiful landscapes; magnificent hills and mountains, deep green valleys, meticulously planted crops, and a fun loving people that God has drawn to Himself through the scars and pain of a horrific genocidal history. Read More ›