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Zimbabwe is a diverse land with over 42 people groups speaking 20 languages. Visitors experience the beauty of Africa’s savannah grasslands up close.

In the wake of economic freefall, the Church has been growing. Over 10,000 new churches were established in the last decade. Today, a new movement is taking hold to address the need for leadership development, community transformation, prayer, and mobilization among the churches in Zimbabwe.

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Vital Statistics

Population: 13,771,721

Life Expectancy: 55 Years

Religions: Christianity (78%), Ethnic Religions (19%), Nonreligious (1%)

Languages: English, 19 Indigenous Languages


  • Harare, Zimbabwe

    September 16-26, 2015

    Come join us as we minister to the spiritual needs of the people in the capital of Zimbabwe. A city steeped in history, filled with people who have never heard the gospel message. Read More ›