e3 Partners is governed by a Board of Directors who provides guidance and oversight. We are managed by a talented Cabinet with decades of experience in ministry, international missions, and business administration.

Leadership Team

Jim Shannon

Chief Executive Officer

Jim Shannon is a Liberty University alumnus with an extensive background in both finance, and mergers and acquisitions. He has a contagious exuberance for sharing the gospel and has been training 4 fields in his church and overseas since his early retirement in 2013.His professional background includes senior executive positions with Hospital Corporation of America, Triad Hospitals, and LHP Hospital Group.

Jim has an extensive history with e3 Partners, having participated in many short-term church planting trips and has even served as a guest speaker on Missions Related Fundraising for new e3 staff.

He serves as a deacon at his local church, teaches a Bible Fellowship class and is active in the NoPlaceLeft network in Dallas/Fort Worth.

Claudia Adame

Executive Vice President – Missions Support

Claudia Adame is the EVP of Mission Support for e3 Partners and oversees our Church and Ministry Partnerships Division, Staff Development Department, and Field Support Center.Throughout her ministry at e3 Partners, Claudia has led over 80 strategic short-term mission teams to Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America. She has been an integral part of e3 Partners since 1997.

Her life verse is Philippians 4:13, “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.”

Scott Cheatham

Executive Vice President – Operations

Scott and his family spent the last two years as long-term missionaries in India. He has experience starting and growing businesses, planting churches both domestically and abroad, and he has a degree from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.Scott and his wife Emily live their lives with a daily mission; to leverage all the gifts, skills and talents God’s blessed them with to bring glory to His Kingdom. They have been 4 Fields practitioners for several years and worked extensively with e3 Partners’ teams throughout their time in India.

They have 3 young girls who keep their home life both fun and unpredictable.

Scott exudes a love for the Lord and a desire to spread the gospel to all nations. His vast experience both in the field and on the logistical side of things make him a unique asset for e3 Partners.

Mike Jorgensen

Executive Director – I Am Second

Mike Jorgensen’s leadership has impacted e3 Partners for over 20 years, blending his zeal for missions with creativity and perseverance.Today, Mike is leading I am Second, an instrumental tool empowering believers to share their stories with those who do not know Christ.

Prior to joining e3 Partners in 1992, Mike was a partner with two law firms, including Bracewall and Guiliani.

He and his wife, Woodlyn, live in Iola, TX and have three grown children.

Brad Prizer

VP of Marketing and Communications

Brad has over two decades of experience managing and directing marketing teams. Most recently, he was with Toshiba, directing their marketing efforts throughout each of the major global regions, including East and West Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America and North America.Brad has a huge heart for the lost, and his love for Jesus is evident in all he says and does. Outside of work, he enjoys music and spending time with his family. He sings on his church’s praise team and has been doing so for several years.

Brad’s unique combination of marketing expertise, strategic thinking and Kingdom focus make him an incredible asset for e3 as we strive to reach all nations with the love and hope of Christ.

Board of Directors

Glenn Gaines – Chairman of the Board

Stan Askren

Darrell Bevelhymer

Brett Flagg

Robert Gunn

Christopher Harmon

Ralph Manning

Jarrell Prince

Dowell Stackpole

Michael Williams

“My favorite part about e3 is that they are so intentional. They work hard to ensure that your trip makes a difference in people’s lives.”

// Jenny