Hello! I’m Steffoni, an e3 Strategy Coordinator serving the Middle East & Central Asia. On staff with e3 Partners Ministry since 2013, I travel overseas several times a year to minister to those who’ve not yet had an opportunity to hear the Gospel.

Before the Lord called me to ministry, He blessed me with a 33-year career in the for-profit sector. God unexpectedly brought me to salvation in 2008 at age 48 and completely changed my life. Afterward, I began pursuing Him via e3’s short-term mission trips and 4 Fields Training, then came on staff three years later as a part-time missionary. Upon completing a Perspectives course, I felt the Lord compelling me to minister to non-believers in the Middle East, and it’s been such a privilege to do just that for over eight years now.

Recently, I led one of e3’s short-term mission trips to the country of Lebanon. There, the citizens of Beirut are crying out for physical, emotional, and spiritual healing due to a deadly explosion that rocked the city in August 2020. Additionally, one million Syrian refugees have migrated to Lebanon and find themselves in need of healing as a result of civil war and violent extremism.

To support these individuals in crisis, our missions team members have completed trauma-healing training, which allows us to guide others to the profound, deep healing that only Jesus can provide. Thanks to this training, we’re confidently equipped to assess trauma, have healing conversations from a Biblical perspective, and receive refugees with the welcoming love of Christ.

Our healing conversations start as we examine people in the Bible who suffered trauma, like Joseph. We read their stories together and explore the array of difficult emotions these characters must have experienced along the way—emotions that may be all-too familiar to the people in Lebanon. As we discuss the hardships of Biblical men and women, the Lebanese people are able to open up, relate, and process their own traumas. They begin to feel heard and understood.

We then study how God supported these Biblical figures through their various trials. After we act out the Bible stories as a group, participants are then guided through some creative activities, such as writing a lament, drawing a picture, or crafting a song. Through these healing conversations, we’ve seen people open their hearts and accept Christ. Many of these new believers then go on to share the Gospel and facilitate their own healing conversations within their own people groups.

We’ve shared our trauma-healing activities not just with the people of Lebanon, but also with those from Kyrgyzstan, Iraq, Iran, Morocco, Turkey, and more. In doing so, we’ve observed people who used to be enemies begin to love one another just as Christ would. We’ve also seen new disciples undergo baptism and initiate their very own house churches.

Please keep the people of Lebanon and our Lebanese National Partners in your prayers as they grapple with their past traumas and present-day challenges such as power outages, fuel shortages, political protests, food scarcity, and economic uncertainty. While our hearts are grieved about these difficulties, we are in prayer that God will move and cause the Church to rapidly grow as people turn to Him.

Our missions team members sincerely thank you for supporting e3 Partners Ministry as we work to reach people across the Middle East & Central Asia with healing conversations and the hope of Jesus Christ. God bless you.