e3 Medical COVID-19 for North Africa

If you would like to know the country, please contact us at

e3 Medical launched "Virtual Medical Teams" that financially and prayerfully enable our Ministry Partners in the various countries in which we serve to continue the ministry by meeting the many needs of their people! 

View the Virtual Medical Teams as "Home Teams". As we cautiously began taking small teams, be on the Home Team and pray for us!!

Our National Ministry Partners are telling us heartbreaking stories of families literally starving due to the lack of food and those who are dying because they cannot pay for their blood pressure or diabetes medicine. They have no jobs, no government subsidies and no financial means to purchase food, medicine and the basic necessities of life!

Like us, they are under "stay at home" mandates. Unlike us, many of these countries have severe penalties for going outside the home. 

Please join our "Virtual Medical Teams" as we go into the world, virtually, enabling our wonderful National Partners to be the hands and feet of Jesus!

Funds will be used for package of basic food supplies: flour, rice, beans, cooking oil. As available, we will also provide our National Ministry Partners funds needed to purchase refills for medicines prescribed by local physicians. 

We are also having small groups worshipping, praying and washing feet, as well as children's ministry and pastor encouragement retreats.

Many thanks for "going virtually" with e3 Medical!  

Anne Lucas, Director e3 Medical
  • Exciting news ...trip in May!!

    Posted a week ago

    We are excited that three, maybe four of us will be able to go to this North Africa country in May.  We will be doing a combination of strategy development, ministry and some medical with local doctors.

    Please join us in
    1. Praising the Lord for what He has been doing in this country and for our national team who work tirelessly for Him!
    2. Praising the Lord for those able to go!
    3. Please pray for
        a. all the pieces and parts to come together quickly is a shortly preparation time!
        b. for those we will meet to encourage, minister to and share God's love.
        c. for favor with authorities in the country as we enter and minister.

    Additional prayer request. Since we have such a small team, we could use your assistance in helping to defray the costs to cover two days of medical supplies, two days of ministry to families and women, translator and transportation costs. Because churches are not allowed to gather at this time, we will be required to rent a location for any ministry work.  We are hoping to raise $5000 in additional funding.

    Mostly we covet your prayers for what God will be doing among those who do not believe in Him.

    Thank you!

    Anne Lucas, Director e3 Medical

    Posted by:
    Anne Lucas

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  • Sewing and Sowing Project

    Posted a week ago

    What do Sewing and Sowing have in common?

    We have a really amazing opportunity in this middle eastern country to gather women in five regions to
    1. Learn to sew masks, clothes for their families and to make a living sewing
    2. Hear the Gospel
    3. Learn stories from the Bible
    4. Learn how to share the Gospel and make disciples.

    There are approximately 100 women in the five regions, Believers and Cousins, who would participate in our Sewing and Sowing Project.
    One person said: "Women in this country are the gatekeepers for the Gospel. We need to train them so they can train their children and then their husbands will understand."

    • Learning to Sew with material.
    • Sowing Gospel seeds.
    • Learning to Sow Gospel seeds.
    The cost would be approximately $38-$40 per woman to include the cost of a professional tailor to teach them, food, some material to get started and two sewing machines per region. The two sewing machines per region would stay with a local church partner. Total cost is between $3800-$4000.

    Please pray as we move forward in this project that
    #1. the women will come with hearts open to the leading of the Holy Spirit to become followers of Jesus.
    #2. the women will be bold in sharing the Gospel.
    #3. for protection for our team as they share the Gospel and teach disciple-making.
    #4. praise the Lord for what he is doing in this ancient land!

    We have done similar projects in other countries. This video tells about one project in Bolivia:

    Posted by:
    Anne Lucas

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  • Compassion, love leads to Jesus

    Posted a week ago

    God gave us 2020 to show His love!
    He has give us 2021 for the same reason ...let's keep telling other about HIM!

    YOU were the answer to so many prayers in 2020! Thank you!

    We are excited about the many ways in which God is working in this North African country.

    Please pray as the team finalize preparations for a national-lead medical trip January 9, 10 and 11th.

    Thank you for the Kingdom Impact YOU made!! We cannot wait to see what God has in store for this year!!

    God bless you! Thank you!

    Posted by:
    Anne Lucas

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  • Caring for refugees in their country

    Posted a week ago

    Our North Africa Brothers have a heart for their own country, but also for the millions of refugees who have fled their countries of Syria and Sudan. God allows people to be scattered to other countries for a reason.

    We have learned that the hearts of refugees are often more open to the Gospel --they are looking for Hope!

    We had hoped to take a US volunteer team in January, but with COVID-19 we do not believe that is a wise decision to protect our national partners and those with whom we would serve, as well as our US team.

    Our National Partners are hoping to be able to hold a clinic for 120 refugees from Syria and Sudan in January. The need is great! Please pray as we determine how they/we can do that using Christian national physicians.

    Thank you!

    Posted by:
    Anne Lucas

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  • Answered prayer! Praise the Lord!

    Posted a week ago

    We serve an immeasurably incredible God!

    Over 70 pastors from multiple cities zig-zagging through the country came to the pastor's conference that our National Partners organized in partnership with e3 Medical and another organization.

    Six US pastors from across our country provided 1-2 minute video clips with encouraging words to the pastors who were literally "blown away" that American pastors would take time to do that and pray for them!

    Some of us watched via Zoom as they worshipped and listened to teachings ...the Holy Spirit was so evident even via Zoom!!

    Our virtual team and special donors made it possible for the pastors to travel and stay at the conference facility at no cost to them. This is huge due to the economic situation of their country. We learned at the last minute that most of the pastors did not have masks because they cost too much. We were able to provide each pastor two masks ...not much but so greatly appreciated!

    These are just a few comments from the pastors ...translated so the English may not be perfect! Listen to the heart of what they say!
    • My life has been changed. I needed the encouragement. Thank you!
    • I am so encouraged and excited to return to my church and community and share what I have learned. Thank you!
    • May the Lord bless you for assisting us and may he use you more powerfully. My country will be changed because of this conference!
    The pastors unanimously asked if the conference could become an annual event!

    We thank You, Lord, for every answered prayer!! May the Gospel spread like wildfire across this ancient land!

    ...On a personal note: Not being able to go in person has been a challenge, but to see this unfold from my home in Alabama has been one of the greatest blessings!
    Message from God to Anne: Just say "Yes, Lord, and I (God) will take it from there!"

    Posted by:
    Anne Lucas

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  • Thanksgiving Middle Eastern Pastors' Conference: Prayer Warriors needed!

    Posted a week ago

     Pastors everywhere are struggling with discouragement due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the economic situation and the struggles of being a shepherd to their church family during this pandemic.

    Come join our Middle Eastern Pastors Prayer Warrior Team as we encourage and love on Pastors of the Middle East!

    70 pastors will gather in North Africa to encourage, share and be re-energized to go make disciples November 26th through noon November 28th. 

    Because this is our American Thanksgiving, we will have a scheduled time of prayer the week of Thanksgiving and a time of celebration after our Thanksgiving.

    The cost is approximately $60 per pastor for 2 nights and 2.5 days. They will have lodging, meals at no charge to them along with supplies to provide needy families in their communities. 

    Join our Pastors’ Prayer Warrior Team:

    1. To join our Middle Eastern Prayer Team, email

    2. If the Lord lays on your heart to "adopt" a pastor, you may donate on this page.

    Thank you so very much! God is moving in an amazing way among small house churches in this part of the world.


    Posted by:
    Anne Lucas

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  • Exciting times in North Africa

    Posted a week ago

    God is definitely on the move through Brothers and Sisters in North Africa!

    Next week over 100 children will be involved in a two-day Bible school where they will learn about Jesus and learn to share the Gospel. Each child, because of these donations, will be given a gift of love in the form of a backpack with school supplies, some clothes and a pair of shoes. 

    Please pray for the children's hearts and minds to be open and for them to be bold in telling others about Jesus! 

    Thank you for your donation! Invest in the children! They are our future!

    This little one loves his new shoes! Our team told him they are a gift from God who loves him.

    Posted by:
    Anne Lucas

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