Family Trips

Athens, Greece - GR24D

Jul 26, 2024 - Aug 4, 2024

Many refugees pass through Greece on their way to their new home. The many reasons for leaving their...

Santa Marta, Colombia - CO24H

Aug 30, 2024 - Sep 8, 2024

They say the biggest danger in traveling to Colombia is that you’ll never want to leave! Between i...

Boaco, Nicaragua - NI24B

Dec 7-14, 2024

Team will minister to Nicaraguan families in a town in the north of the country, by hearing their st...

Josh Spinks' e3 Partners Fundraiser

Organized by e3 Partners

In 2022, e3 Partners' work has seen 89,000 churches planted. Yes, you read that correctly, 89,000 churches planted in one year. It is amazing to see how God is expanding His Kingdom around the world and He is using the long-term missionaries of e3 Partners, short-term trips led by e3 Partners nonresident missionaries and the labor of e3 Partners US staff. While we are overwhelmed by the rapid expanding of the church around the world, there is one thing about this number that brings our e3 Partners family pause. Most of these churches planted have been planted outside the borders of the United States. This fact breaks my heart. This is my family and I's home, This is the country we love. This is the country that God has used to bring so many blessings that we enjoy. We love America. But so many in America are far from God. 

With this Brutal Fact in view, e3 Partners asked me to lead the Made to Multiply initiative. Made to Multiply is a strategy for North America. With this strategy we will see over 1,000,000 believers in this country trained with simple, biblical, reproducible tools for sharing their God-story, sharing God's Gospel and making disciples who will do the same. And by equipping the U.S. church to make disciples and starting disciple making groups many will be envisioned to take the beautiful Gospel to the places in this country and around the world who are starved for it. 

We cannot wait to see what God will do through this endeavor and we need supporters like you to join us in prayer and financial commitment. Thank you for any consideration and generosity. 

Joshua Spinks

Director of e3 Partners 

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