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Lance Wendling's Staff Support Fundraiser

Organized by Lance Wendling

     In 1971 I was born with Spina Bifida. The Dr. explained to my Dad what all that entailed and asked him if he wanted the medical team to save my life. My Dad knew that the Lord had allowed me to be born with a disability for a purpose. It didn't made sense at the time but my Dad placed his faith in the Lord and gave the Dr. permission to save my life. I ended up having 15 surgeries due to my disability. Growing up I struggled socially as my peers would make fun of me and physically harm me. At the age of 20 I wanted to end my life. I was attending a revival service with Bailey Smith being the Evangelist. The Holy Spirit spoke to my heart and revealed to me that my problem was not my physical disability. It was that I was spiritually lost without Christ. I was made to fellowship with the Lord. I ended up walking the isle that night and giving my life to Christ. This was only the beginning of a journey of a lifetime.

     The Lord called me into ministry at the age of 21. I was sitting in a church service at Sagemont Church in Houston, TX. I was listening to an evangelistic team from Phoenix, AZ and I plainly heard in my spirit the Lord saying "I am going to use your weakness (disability) to be a testimony of My strength in evangelism." I did not know at the time what that meant. Slowly, I started being asked to speak in churches by telling my story. The Lord opened up doors of every denomination to proclaim salvation through Christ alone.
     At the age of 35 God called me to accomplish what I thought was the impossible. He opened the door for me to earn my BA and MA Degree from Criswell College in Dallas, TX. Throughout my public school upbringing I was placed in Special Ed because the school system labeled me as someone who wasn't very smart because of my physical disability. I struggled in school and attempted Jr. College when I graduated High School but failed. I knew if God was calling me to Criswell College He would equip me with the tools to succeed. Six years later not only did I earn my BA but my MA as well.

     After graduation I knew someone who worked for e3 Partners and asked me if I would be interested in coming to serve under e3 Partners. The rest is history as the Lord opened up another door to use my gift to evangelize. I started out as an I AM SECOND Ambassador. In 2014 the Lord moved me into the position as e3 USA Coach. I have the blessing to use my gift in evangelism to train others to tell their stories of how Jesus Christ has changed their lives. In return the people I train will train other disciples and so on. My desire and calling is that the story of Christ will be told until the world hears.
     The Lord is still opening doors for me to preach in churches and other venues where He leads me. You financial gift will allow me to continue living out my calling in evangelism. There is nothing that brings me more joy is when a person who has been spiritual blind come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. What I need most is your prayers that the Lord will continue to use me in order to bring His glory. Thank you for blessing me as you donate and pray for me.

Blessings, Lance Wendling

Partner Financially with e3 Staff 
  • Thank you for donating on "Giving Day"!

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    Stefanie and I wanted to thank you for your generous donation on "Giving Day"! Because of your donation we will be able to continue sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ to a lost generation in need of a Savior. We are blessed to have an awesome and loving group of supporters that we call "Family"! May the Lord bless you as you have blessed us! We love you! Blessings, Lance & Stefanie Wendling

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    Lance Wendling

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