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Creation to Judgement

Michael Jones' e3 Partners Fundraiser

Organized by Michael K. Jones

God is doing something amazing in the world today.  Behind all the news headlines, He is working among people groups to draw all people to Himself.  Through the years, He has worked in my heart and is calling me into local mission full-time in San Antonio and internationally in Uganda.

When I graduated Wayland Baptist University in March 2021 with a Bachelor in Christain Ministry I asked Him what He wanted me to do. He said to start a ministry called All for Jesus Ministries. I obeyed, got to speak a few times, did several weddings, funerals and some life coaching. What I also heard Him say very clearly is that the ministry would evolve. Although I will continue to do these things, He made it very clear as to what the next chapter of ministry would be. After first going to Poland to minister to the Ukranian refugee children in May 2022 and then to Uganda in September 2022, God made it clear what He wanted me to do. I am to be equipping His people to evangelize His world by establishing healthy, multiplying, transformative churches wherever He sends me. I am now on staff with e3 Partners Ministry, and this is the 3-fold mission.

E3 Partners is a global missions agency advancing the Gospel and establishing the Church in over 90 countries and 6 continents. I belong to a body of over 400 staff and 2,000 national partners sharing his Gospel among the nations.  

I went back Uganda Sep. 27 - Oct 08, 2023, for my first training trip (I was being trained to run a mission trip) and my next training trip was planned for February 01-12, 2024. After having now finished this second training trip (which was awesome) I am planning my next trip for September 12-22, 2024, of which I will be completely in charge of. My goal is to recruit at least 10 people to go and to do all the pre-trip training. 

I have started with a few friends doing the same ministry here in San Antonio. I have been on teams training churches in SA how to use some of the same tools we train on in Uganda. I was on a team and went twice to a neighborhood in SA (Morning Glen) and am excited to say that a home church was launched March 2024. I have been downtown SA and his neighborhood with another friend sharing our faith. 

Your monthly support or one-time generous gift provides for my practical needs, protects me against financial emergencies that may disrupt my ministry, and supplies ongoing training and resources. 

Through your financial support, you become a part of everything God does through me.  YOU are making an impact on the Kingdom with your contributions!   Just click the “Donate” button above to get started! 

How about going to Uganda with me September 12-22, 2024? I promise it will change your life. In advance of going on a mission trip, we spend one night a week for 6 weeks learning the tools that are used to train in Uganda (or anywhere in the world) to equip the people to evangelize His world and ultimately establishing home churches. Like me, you will fall in love with the training tools and want to use them wherever you go (like learning how to share your personal testimony in 15 seconds). Call me at 210-744-8937 if you are slightly interested and I will be glad to answer any questions you may have. 

Thank you in advance for your prayers and generosity!

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