Take a short-term trip with lasting impact.

As followers of Jesus, we’re called to make all things new by taking His Gospel to the darkest corners of this world.  We seek restoration for the oppressed, the marginalized and the overlooked.  But doing this is easier said than done

That’s why the right partnership makes all the difference. Converge and e3 Partners offer your church a short-term missions strategy that allows you to make a lasting impact even after your team has left the country or region.  While you are in Germany, you will meet people who have left their homes to escape war, persecution, and human trafficking.  You may even encounter people from unreached people groups.

You’ll make a lasting impact, not create dependency. Cost includes all travel, lodging, food, and training. 

Berlin, Germany- DE21B

Sep 17-26, 2021

The current refugee crisis has presented a unique opportunity in Germany to proclaim the Gospel and disciple those who might not otherwise hear God's redemptive story. Since we are unsure how long the current situation will last, we have an urgency to share Jesus' love with those who desperately need to hear the peace and hope they can have through Him. You will engage refugees in many creative avenues such as sports, meals, and acts of service where you will build relationships as you minister to men, women, and children to share God's love for them.


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Trip Type: Opportunity

Region: Europe

Location: Berlin, Berlin, Germany