Trips to Costa Rica

Guanacaste, Costa Rica - CR20B

Jul 10-18, 2020

We will be starting a work on the southern coast near the Pacific Ocean in Costa Rica as a catalyst to local leaders laboring to see No Place Left that the Gospel hasn't reached. We look to encourage new believers to abide, be ambassadors, and connect in groups to see others reached with the Good News. The focus will be using 4 fields and simple, biblical, reproducing methods to reach the rest through the multiplication of disciples as a part of their long term focus. Most every person we meet in Costa Rica needs a personal relationship with Jesus, and they like meeting Americans and practicing their English. These are friendly, welcoming people who need the Lord and the promise of salvation for them and their families. Would you use your gifts, your testimony to engage with the people of Cost Rica and encourage them to know Jesus and make Him known?  Please consider giving just 2% of 2020 to the Lord.


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Trip Type: Opportunity

Region: South America

Location: Guanacaste Province, Costa Rica

Tags: Medical