Canada National Partner - Cameron Asman

My name is Cameron Asman I am a community pastor at Living Word Temple in the North End of Winnipeg, MB. I also work with E3 Partners Canada and I am a missionary sent by Albright Church. I have been on the journey of serving in Winnipeg's inner city going on to four years and I have loved it so far. It has been challenging but rewarding and I can't wait to see what God has in store next. I have been married to my beautiful wife Sheldyn for almost two years and we have been on many great adventures as we have served in our community together.

In the last few years I have focused largely on starting new churches, teaching and preaching and sharing stories of God. I've been working with different Indigenous groups throughout Northern Canada, Russia, and the Dominican Republic. The vision of our churches are to serve people in need not only spiritually but also physically and mentally. Ways that we do this is through pastoral visits, food bank, local lunch programs for children in school, AA meetings, sharing circles and so much more.

I am in a constant state of learning as many of the people that I have worked with, encountered and befriended over the years are from various Indigenous cultures and traditions. They have taught me new ways of seeing the world and Jesus. The church I work with is very focussed on building relationships between the church and Indigenous peoples. The history of Canada holds some very cruel events that have involved Indigenous peoples and the church has played a large role in this. There is still hurt happening today and we want to be apart of the healing that is taking place in Canada.

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