e3 Afghanistan


"The Graveyard of Empires"

On October 7th, 2001, operation "Enduring Freedom" began in Afghanistan.

Unfortunately, the Afghan Government did not, due to corruption, endure to the end... which is why we are calling our initiative, "Operation: Enduring FOR Freedom." Enduring for others’ eternal freedom...

What is our initiative?

  • The professional development of ‘Safe Houses’ and ‘Top-of-the-line Orphanages.’ 
How will we accomplish this?
  • Worship, Prayer and constant Fasting.
  • Our team plans to accomplish these tasks by going the extra mile in the construction of these initiatives; physically and spiritually.
  • Our team is not scared of raising the money to do this the right way, the first time. These facilities will be built better than the U.S Embassy to Afghanistan.
  • Terrorist proof exterior with 24/7 military security.
  • Full time staff of believers who will be trained in all facets of security and hospitality.

You see, 70% of the worlds opium comes from Afghanistan.  Its growth is spurred on by the terrorist regime known as the, "Taliban" translating to, "Students" in the Pashto language (spoken by at lest 60% of the country). 

The local farmers are forced to grow the opium.  If they refuse, the Taliban burns all of the farmers crops and steals their daughters.  The regimist rape and abuse the daughters until the farmers either begin growing the opium, or pay an unattainable fine.  If the farmers begin to grow opium, the government throws them into prison.

Because of the double-edged sword lifestyle, the orphaned children begin their addiction to the opium, and the Taliban recruits them.

If we can keep the orphans off the street (which accounts for 70% of the Taliban recruitment) we CAN stop terrorism.

For security purposes, this is a very cut and dry explanation of what God has told us to do regarding Afghanistan. It is our belief that long-term projects like these, with specialized short-term teams, and primarily the leading of Holy Spirit, Jesus name will be high and lifted up, so that every AFGHAN TRIBE TONGUE and LANGUAGE will be in reverence and true submission to their loving FATHER in Heaven.


On behalf of the, Middle East and Central Asia Team with e3 Partners Ministry, we say THANK YOU, and may the Lord bless YOU Richly.

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