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Egypt is known as the gateway of Africa and the Middle East. The famous saying, “As Egypt goes, so goes the Middle East” has validity. Because Cairo is considered the Sunni capital of the Muslim world, Egypt plays a strategic role. It also is important, as it has the largest Christian population in the Middle East. Since the Revolution in 2011, the believers here have been faced with growing persecution. Although, amidst the instability and danger, the believers are committed to being salt and light.

An unprecedented revolution is happening right now throughout the Middle East. More Muslims have become followers of Jesus in the last 10 years than in the past 14 centuries of Islam. More Jews have become followers of Jesus, the Jewish Messiah, in the last 20 years than in the past 2,000 years.

More than any time in history, the need to engage in what God is doing is now. Through passionate prayer, generous giving and strategic expeditions into this dark region, you can be a part of reaching the unreachable. Jesus is setting the captives free! Join us as we partner with them as they transform their community with the hope of the gospel!

You can help us continue our mission in the Middle East with your tax-deductible financial contribution. Your support allows us to cultivate long-term relationships with local pastors, develop an ongoing church-planting movement in the region, and continue serving the physical needs of the people.

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