e3 Kyrgyzstan

  You can help us continue our mission in the Kyrgyzstan with your tax-deductible financial contribution. Your support allows us to cultivate long-term relationships with local believers, develop an ongoing church-planting movement in the region, and continue serving the physical needs of the people. 

What is our initiative

  • The professional development of "Safe Houses," "Top-of-the-line Orphanages" and "Community Centers." 
How will we accomplish this?
  • Worship, Prayer and constant Fasting.
  • Our team plans to accomplish these tasks by going the extra mile in the construction of these initiatives; physically and spiritually.
  • Our team is not scared of raising the money to do this the right way, the first time. These facilities will be built better than the U.S Embassy to Afghanistan.
  • Terrorist proof exterior with 24/7 military security.
  • Full time staff of believers who will be trained in all facets of security and hospitality
For security purposes, this is a very cut and dry explanation of what God has told us to do regarding Kyrgyzstan. It is our belief that long-term projects like these, combined with specialized short-term teams, and primarily the leading of Holy Spirit, Jesus name will be high and lifted up, with every KYRGYZ TRIBE, TONGUE and LANGUAGE in reverence and true submission to their loving FATHER in Heaven.


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