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Peru needs partners like YOU....

We have four full time national leaders in Peru.  In LIma, Alexis Loayza and Edith Guzman and in the Amazon Jhon Linares and Rina Linares. These young adults have a passion for reaching their country for the Lord. Your help is needed so that they can dedicate all of their time to e3, working not only with US teams that enter the country, but also working with lead pastors in each of the departments of the country,teaching and training all year long.

We also like to send US team leaders who are especially gifted to mentor and train our national leaders and the churches we serve during the year. All of this takes financial resources.  Please consider clicking the DONATE button to give a generous gift right now.  
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It  is my desire to see Peru where there is #noplaceleft where the gospel has not been heard. You can help this happen by coming to help us in Peru and supporting us so our country leaders can reach all of Peru.

Thank you.....

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