As we establish churches across the globe, we empower Christians to make a difference in their communities.  We’re offering free medical care in remote villages, working to end human trafficking, and spreading the Gospel through oral storytelling – and you can be a part of it.  Find a cause that resonates with you and join the team through your financial gift.

Fundraiser Name
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e3 Medical - Medical Supplies More Info
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e3 Medical COVID-19 for North Africa More Info
e3 Medical - Greece Refugees More Info
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CT Malawi Orphans More Info
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e3 Medical - Veternary Services More Info
Community Transformation - Rwanda More Info
Children's Ministry SPECIAL More Info
Just Say The Word More Info
e3 Oral Strategy - Zambia More Info
Community Transformation - Tanzania More Info
Children's Ministry Initiative Fund More Info
Engaging Nations UUPG Fundraiser More Info
e3 Medical - Medical Supplies Natural Disaster More Info
RDU Training Fund More Info
Germany Refugee Ministry More Info
e3 MECA Medical More Info
e3 Scholarship Fund More Info
Jordan Refugees More Info
Training Centers for Church Planters More Info
Community Transformation - Uganda More Info
Refugee Causes More Info
University Partnerships More Info
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International Reporting Fund More Info
Community Transformation More Info
India UUPGs More Info
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