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e3 USA / Reaching the Nations in the US

e3 USA

Mission: Make disciples who produces churches, who make more disciples and produce more churches to the 4th-Generation and beyond [Matt 28:18-20, 2 Tim. 2:2]

Vision: #NoPlaceLeft [Matthew 24:14; Romans 15:19,23]

From Genesis to Revelation we witness the mission of God from beginning to completion. He has one mission, and that is to reconcile the world to Himself (2 Cor. 5:19). Jesus promised that at the completion of God's mission, the Gospel being spread to all nations, the end will come (Matt. 24:14). So, if we call ourselves Christians, then we all have the same mission and vision, God's mission and vision. We must spread the Gospel until there is literally #NoPlaceLeft.

(Click here for more on the #NoPLaceLeft movement)

Strategy: Entry, Gospel, Discipleship, Church, Leadership multiplication [4-Fields / T4T]

We are striving toward this God's mission and vision by equipping believers and churches to: 

1) Enter into the harvest field to engage people far from God; 

2) Share the Gospel in a simple way that can be understood and responded too; 

3) Disciple new believers in the simple ways of obeying Jesus and sharing Him with others; 

4) Establish new churches with these new disciples that become healthy transformative agents locally and globally; 

5) Identify, develop, and launch new leaders within and outside of the new churches who will repeat and multiply this entire process until #NoPlaceLeft.

Now when we say “church” we don’t mean the box with a steeple. We simply mean a gathering of baptized believers devoted to obeying Jesus and living on mission together. We believe a church can meet here, there, or anywhere. Moreover, we believe it must. 

Over 50% of Americans are unchurched. And 53% percent of the unchurched population will not come to a church building if invited. Who is going to own this harvest field of nearly 156 million people far from God? It’s time believers are equipped and mobilized to bring Jesus and His church to all those far from God in the United States.

Brutal facts on the United States

  • 50% of Americans are “churchless” or “unchurched” (156 million) (cite)

  • 34% of unchurched population claim to be skeptics (atheists or agnostics) (cite)

  • 22.8% of Americans claim their religious affilation to be “none” or “nothing in particular” (cite)

  • 3 million: population of Muslims in America, expected to reach 6.2 million by 2030 (cite)

  • “Twenty years ago, two-thirds of churchless Americans (65%) were open to being invited to church by a friend. Today, that percentage has slipped to less than half (47%).” (cite

Current Work / Leadership: Click Here

  • e3 USA stats update

    Posted a week ago

    Stats June 2015 - February 2016

    # of Trainings: 120+
    # of Believers Trained: 3,100+
    # of Gospel Shares: 3,000+
    # of "Green Lights" (people who repented and believed in Jesus): 200+

    Cities where e3 USA Team has a presence:

    - West Palm Beach, FL
    - Martin County, FL
    - Atlanta, GA
    - Memphis, TN
    - Nashville, TN
    - Rapid City, NC
    - Denver, NC
    - Kansas City, MO
    - Houston, TX
    - San Antonio, TX
    - Austin, TX
    - Dallas, TX
    - Oklahoma City, OK
    - Tulsa, OK
    - Rosewell, NM
    - Indianapolis, IN
    - Seattle, WA

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    Crtr Cx

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