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Indochina is in Southeast Asia lying southwest of China and East of India. Over 180 million people inhabit this region of the world. Of the 1,800 people groups in the area over 700 of them are considered unreached or unengaged. Over half the population has never even hear the name of Jesus where Buddhism, Hinduism and Islam reign.

Having been through a war, this region has millions of people and is now a major political and economic player. However, agriculture and fishing remain the typical way of life.

Jesus tells us to Go! Declare His glory among the nations! Why Indochina? Because of the desperate need! Allow the Lord to work through you to bring hope to a thirsty people. He will use you for His glory to make lasting fruit. We will visit common gathering places like coffee shops, English language clubs, schools and parks to build relationship and share what is important in life. In the evenings we connect with small groups meeting in homes for discipleship and invite people we meet during the day to join us.

You can help us continue our mission in Indochina with your tax-deductible financial contribution. Your support allows us to cultivate long-term relationships with local pastors, develop an ongoing church-planting movement in the region, and continue serving the physical needs of the people. 

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