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Ganrar People Group

Ganrar People Group

No one is actively sharing the gospel with the Ganrar people group. There are no Christian leaders among their 27,500 population or anyone from outside their community focused on reaching them with the hope and love of Jesus. They are lost... BUT YOU CAN BE A PART OF CHANGING THAT.

They live in Northeast India, within the state of Assam, and most of them have never heard the name of Jesus. Our mission is to spread the gospel and raise up disciples, churches, and Christian leaders until there are worshiping groups in all the villages, communities, and localities of the Ganrar people.

Plan of Action


A team enters into their community to share the gospel. those who accept Jesus are trained on how to share the gospel themselves, disciple others, and start churches. From this, a team of local leaders is formed.


A training team is sent again to the community to teach the Biblical principles and the foundation behind the gospel-sharing, disciple-making, and church-planting skills.


A training team is sent a third time to help the local leaders develop coaching and problem-solving skills, Biblical studying skills, and sound doctrine that altogether lead to healthy churches. The continued practice and spreading of these skills and Biblical principles leads to complete local ownership of evangelism among the Ganrar people group.

Funding Needed

$12,000/yr x 3 years = $36,000

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