Support our efforts in a particular country that is close to your heart.  Your funds will go directly towards equipping believers, developing long-term partnerships, and spreading the Gospel in that region.  Select a country from the list below to get started.


South Asia No Place Left Fund

A window of opportunity has opened to reach out to 20+ UUPGs (Unengaged Unreached People Groups) in a region of South Asia . . . through a few believers already in one of the UUPGs. But we must move quickly to fan the fires of enthusiasm that have been kindled by a recent church planting training.

Will you help train more believers how to get to #NoPlaceLeft where people have not heard the gospel in this region of South Asia?

We are building capacity to train 100 people a month. It costs $20 to train one person. On average 10% of those trained plant a church. So for each $200 monthly commitment you help train10 people and plant a new church . . . every month!

Our goal is $2,000/mo to train 100 people each month. So these commitments are needed--

  • $250/mo x 1
  • $100/mo x 10
  • $50/mo x 15
Or you can make a special gift of $1,000, $500 or $100 to help make our annual goal of $24,000.

How many people would you like to help train each month? How many new churches would you like to help plant among people groups that are less than 2% Christian?

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