Your contributions preferenced for e3 staff directly supports their efforts around the world, giving them access to critical resources and funds that strengthen our partnerships overseas.  Below is a list of those who currently have a fundraising page for their support.  Just browse the listing below to find the individual you wish to support.

Matthew Thifault on a Mission

BIG NEWS! I will be serving with e3 Partners as a church planting, disciple multiplying missionary! I am at Appalachian State University where 93% of students do not have a relationship with Jesus, and I am committed to seeing my campus transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ via the multiplication of healthy disciples and healthy churches. I'm so excited about serving in this capacity and I would like to invite you to partner with me in this ministry.

This fundraiser on Pure Charity through e3 Partners is provided to help raise the funding that I need for the mission. I hope that you will consider being part of this opportunity with me. I will be supported 100% by the financial giving of support partners like you! Through your financial support, you become a part of everything God does through me.

Thank you so much for being a part of my team and life! I look forward to watching what God does through our partnership together in seeing the great commission fulfilled everywhere!

Until there’s #NoPlaceLeft,

Matthew Thifault

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