You may not be hopping on a plane but you can still play a role in what Christ is doing around the world.  By supporting another person’s expedition, you become a part of what God is accomplishing in his or her life.  Browse the listing below to find a family member or friend and give today!

Amy Thornton's fundraiser for Mid-South Region - XM21B

One-time donations:
Amount Raised: $1,505
  • $7,980
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Commissioned to proclaim the gospel to the nations, these teams will minister in a region of the world where oftentimes the name of Jesus has never been heard. Yet, to the world we will simply look like tourists!

As Jesus Christ's messengers, ambassadors, witnesses ... we will come alongside Christian men and women who have banded together (called coalitions) for the express purpose of bringing the good news of Jesus Christ to their nearby villages ... villages that have little or no gospel witness ... in order to begin thriving, Christ worshipping, bible study fellowships of new believers called churches. For the last eight (8) years, our partnership with this network of church planting coalitions has yielded results (over 200,000 newly planted churches) that only God in His majesty, kingdom purposes, power, grace …. could possibly accomplish!!!

Our teams will be formed and trained over a 4-6 month period using what is known as T4T/Four Fields of Kingdom Growth/ No Place Left methodology. Our expedition teams (often called Luke 10 teams) will be trained, both here in the USA and in the Mid-South Region (MSR), to look to the Holy Spirit's leading as we enter “empty” fields through prayer, houses of peace, and persons of peace; as we evangelize “sowing” fields using our personal testimonies, God's Story (Creation through Christ), and e-folds; as we disciple new believers amongst “growing” fields conducting 3/3rd's bible study fellowships ... fully expecting

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