You may not be hopping on a plane but you can still play a role in what Christ is doing around the world.  By supporting another person’s expedition, you become a part of what God is accomplishing in his or her life.  Browse the listing below to find a family member or friend and give today!

Elliot "Daniel" Ede's fundraiser for Middle East - XJ19E

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We call this type of ministry team a "Luke 10 Trip". We are compelled by the love of God to go to the Middle East to help local believers. With God's help, we will go two by two visiting with families who are in need, to love and encourage them. We will deliver a box of food and other items to give them a hand up. We will pray for them and share stories of hope. Together we will obey the great commission of God by making disciples and teaching them to obey the Lord. New followers will gather together to be the church to bring God glory in places of spiritual darkness. God will give them lasting peace and hope.

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