You may not be hopping on a plane but you can still play a role in what Christ is doing around the world.  By supporting another person’s expedition, you become a part of what God is accomplishing in his or her life.  Browse the listing below to find a family member or friend and give today!

Ginger Anderson Mayer's fundraiser for Middle East - XJ20A

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In 2011, a series of protests known as the Arab Spring broke out across the Middle East. While outcries in places like Egypt and Tunisia led to swift regime changes, the result in Syria can be described as nothing short of horrific. President Bashar al Assad responded with a violent backlash against his dissidents, leading to a prolonged sectarian war.  

Over 190,000 people have died on the streets of Syria as Alawites and Sunnis take up arms against one another. Over 3 million refugees have fled into neighboring countries while hundreds of thousands await official registration. They lack food, money, and medical care. Many suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  


In the refugee camps, children draw pictures of bombers destroying their houses and kids with tears streaming down their faces. Babies cry from starvation while their parents struggle to find even a grain of rice to eat. This expedition is your chance to serve refugees in the Middle East who have left their homes with nothing more than the clothes on their backs.

e3 Partners is providing for basic necessities to these refugees on expeditions across the Middle East. But they need more than physical provisions. They need a Savior. As these refugees grasp for answers, we are sharing the story of our Creator God who knows them by name and gave his own son to rescue them from this broken world.

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