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Glenn Butler's fundraiser for Ireland - IE20A

One-time donations:
Amount Raised: $155
  • $2,900
    One-time Goal
  • $2,745
    One-time Still Needed
  • -35
    Days to Go

Ireland is a country of extreme beauty and once had a well established Christian heritage. This heritage is diminishing quickly, and we need to revitalize this nation for Christ. To be considered an unreached people group, the percentage of believers in Jesus has to fall under 2%, and have no growing church movements. According to the Joshua Project, the Republic of Ireland has only about 1.56% who would identify as believers in Jesus, which makes Ireland an unreached people group.

We will be doing outreach and evangelism to engage many far from God, as well has help begin intensive discipleship to help begin rapid, healthy, Biblically sound churches.

Join us as we seek to proclaim the gospel, make disciples, and plant churches across the island of Ireland until there is no place left!


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