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Sharon Zareva's fundraiser for SUCEAVA, ROMANIA - RO22A

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The birth place of an old civilization, Suceava is located in the North Eastern part of Romania, in an area known as Bucovina, with a strong cultural and social influence from Transylvania. Situated in the Carpathian Mountains, Suceava is a beautiful country compared by many to Switzerland, Austria or Italy. Famous for the numerous monasteries of an incredible architectural value, this is a very popular area for tourists.

Even though an Orthodox country, the evangelical presence and influence is powerful. There are two Baptist churches in Suceava that are working together to fulfil The Great Commission. Brother Dan Boingeanu, pastor of “Maranata” Baptist Church in Suceava has already done a tremendous evangelistic/discipleship work in this area and has a wonderful mission ministry in place. God helped them set up numerous mission points not only in the country but very successfully in the Diaspora. His vision matches e3s, and when we met him in August 2000, we were immediately aware of the enormous possibilities for ministry there, recognizing what a partnership between us can accomplish for God’s kingdom. And God has indeed blessed our obedience by helping achieve streams of 5, 6 and even 7 generation churches. Pastor Boingeanu is our e3 Romania National Strategy Director. Under his leadership many young people have been discipled and successfully sent into the ministry. He is married, and has 4 adult children, all very much involved in the ministry. It is a blessing and an honor to serve alongside pastor Boingeanu.

So, do not delay. Come and see what God can do in and through you when you say YES to Him.

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