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Positioned in the horn of Africa, Ethiopia is one of the continent’s oldest independent nations. It experiences both fertile, mountainous plateaus and drought-prone lowlands. It is most famously known as the birthplace of coffee.

After decades of suffering under communist rule, the Church has forged an unrelenting love for the Gospel and one another. This has laid the groundwork for a strong missionary presence. Still, over 20 million people have still never heard the Gospel.

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Vital Statistics

Population: 96,633,458

Unreached: 20,504,000

Life Expectancy: 60 Years

Languages: Amharic, English, 85 Indigenous


  • Amhara Region, Ethiopia - ET19C

    April 9-20, 2019

    This team will be spreading the love of Jesus through community development in partnership with believers in the Amhara region on Ethiopia. This is an exceptionally challenging area due to significant local opposition to the Truth. Read More ›

  • Shashamane, Ethiopia - ET19H

    July 18, 2019 - August 4, 2019

    As we work alongside local disciple makers, we are laboring towards bringing the Gospel to unreached peoples, encouraging the existing church, and continuing the church planting in Southeast Ethiopia moving towards the Somalian border until there is no place left that has not heard the story of Jesus. Read More ›