Trips to Europe

Paris, France - FR20A

Mar 5-13, 2020

Paris, France is one of the most strategic cities in the world for the gospel. Not only at the heart of France, Paris also lies at the heart of both Western Europe and the entire French-speaking world. Perhaps the global capital of secularism, Paris contains some of the most beautiful, impressive, and yet utterly empty churches you can find. Simultaneously, the economic opportunities provided by the largest urban area in Europe has drawn people groups from every corner of the world – 37 unreached people groups call France home, most of whom can be found in the diverse neighborhoods of Paris. In a matter of a few city blocks, you can encounter Arab Muslims, South Asian Hindus, and Eastern European Orthodox – all in need of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Come work alongside a missionary team dedicated to seeing No Place Left among every people and place of Paris. In order to see disciples, churches, and leaders multiplied across this sprawling city, the most pressing need is abundant gospel sowing. This so called “City of Light” is saturated with spiritual darkness, desperately needing believers to boldly bring the true light of the good news. Come be a part of seeing Paris being turned upside down, so that a gospel movement can pour out from Paris to the ends of the earth.


Trip Information

Trip Type: Opportunity

Region: Europe

Location: Paris, Île-de-France, France