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VIRTUAL Mission to Moscow, Russia - RU20AV

Oct 19-30, 2020

This trip to Moscow, Russia, will not require you to buy a plane ticket or leave your home. Why? Becasue it will be done virtually!  We will work VIRTUALLY with local believers in Moscow to reach people who are far from God, both in Russia and right here at home.

Self-paced missions engagement will include 12 Virtual Team Meetings, one each day October 19-30, from the comfort of your home country at approximately 11 AM - 1 PM (CDT).

These Virtual Team Meetings will allow you to hear their stories, understand their calling, witness their burden, and interact in the ministry they are doing in Russia. We may not be able to be there physically during these times, but our virtual presence will make a significant impact. You will even be able to serve with Moscovites by prayer-walking virtually through their neighborhoods, parks, and busy street corners.


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Join us on this VIRTUAL Mission to reach those far from God!

Trip Information

Trip Type: Opportunity

Region: Europe

Location: Moscow, Russia

Tags: Virtual