Field Updates: August 2021

I’m Tony S., an e3 Strategy Coordinator for Ireland, and I have served the Lord through e3 Partners for over 15 years now. My work for the Kingdom occurs both domestically and internationally.

God has given me a heart for the lost in Ireland. Many individuals in this country identify as Christian, simply because of family traditions and cultural norms. In fact, many of the Irish are baptized as babies. However, as adults, they have never experienced the profound love that Jesus offers us through the Bible and an intimate relationship with Him. During our time in Ireland, we focus on sharing the Gospel and planting churches so that local citizens can fully understand what it means to be a true disciple of Jesus.

In addition to my efforts in Europe, I invested several years of my time building evangelism networks in Tulsa, Oklahoma before relocating to Houston, Texas, where I currently serve as Missions Pastor at Cypress Bible Church.

Members of my church in Texas participate in evangelism training programs based upon the same proven model that e3 Partners utilizes around the world. Together, we learn to confidently share the Gospel and make disciples—and then use those skills to minister locally in Houston to our own communities and spheres of influence. We regularly share our faith through door-knocking in local neighborhoods and more.

I currently manage a long-term residency program at my church that trains participants in the 4 Fields strategy, with an ultimate goal of producing more full-time laborers for the harvest. I’m excited to report that we have more than 20 people enrolled in this program at the present time.

The leaders of Cypress Bible Church feel called by God to pursue lostness not only in our own city, but in six target areas around the world, including the Caribbean, Ireland, Japan, Mexico, Nepal, and South Africa. By leveraging e3 Partners’ extensive international networks, we have accelerated our evangelism and discipleship efforts in these specific places, rather than starting from scratch.

All too often, I believe churches fall prey to feel-good mission trips that momentarily benefit trip participants but don’t generate disciples. By aligning our church with e3 Partners, the leaders of Cypress Bible Church have ensured that our church body is part of a global alliance of organizations strategically working to pursue the Great Commission through effective missions work.