Field Updates: December 2021

A Message from Strategy Coordinator John W. (Part 1)

Hi! My name is John W. and I’m an e3 Strategy Coordinator and Senior Trip Leader for Uganda & South Sudan. My wife Janelle and I have been with e3 for over two decades now! This fall, we had the humble privilege of leading a short-term missions team to Kenya. Being a trip leader in the time of COVID has certainly required some patience and flexibility. Initially, we planned to take a team to Uganda in June 2021. However, due to a government shut-down, we pivoted and went to Dubai instead, where we shared the Gospel with African refugees.

While we hoped to return to Uganda in September 2021, the shut-down would once again prevent our return. As such, we decided to travel to neighboring Kenya, where believers from 20+ African countries were gathering for an evangelism convention. Participants from e3, No Place Left, and the International Mission Board (IMB) were in attendance to discuss what God is accomplishing throughout Africa, so we sent our missions team and Ugandan National Partners to join the effort. Some of our team went to the conference and participated in training, while others went into the community to share the love of Christ with the unreached.

Though we weren’t able to go to Uganda, our relationships with the National Partners has proved very fruitful, and they have carried on much of the work in our absence. This year, they led 192 trainings and witnessed 60,433 Gospel shares, 14,852 professions of faith, 2,016 baptisms, and 1,460 new house churches! And they aren’t just reaching Ugandans; they’re also touching the lives of many South Sudanese refugees who have fled their war-torn country in search of peace.

When we lead an international expedition, we use the same tools taught during Gospel Conversations Trainings. We typically train roughly five to seven churches and might see anywhere from twenty to fifty training participants from each church. This number of laborers can produce up to forty new house churches on one trip! The Ugandans and South Sudanese people are incredibly receptive to the hope of Jesus Christ and it is such a blessing to be a part of the work God is doing in Africa.

We hope to return to Uganda in early February to support our National Partners and plan for 2022. Then, God willing, we’ll lead a larger missions team there in the summer. If you have an interest in going on mission with us, please email I would also like to invite you to read more about our US activities in the Training section of the e3 Times staff newsletter. Have a Merry Christmas and God bless you.