Kathy Wilhelm - e3 Partners Staff Fundraiser

Dear Precious Ministry Partners,    

     The Holy Spirit continues to work tirelessly throughout the world bringing the lost to Jesus Christ.  I continue on staff at e3 Partners Ministry as a Trip Leader, Medical Supervisor, and Assistant Medical Director helping teams add a medical component to open doors for the sharing of the Gospel.  In April, I passed the five year mark of being on staff.  Our God has been so faithful! 

    God's favor was evident this year as I was privileged to lead a medical team to Beirut, Lebanon ministering to refugees and sharing the Gospel to 97 people.  We just returned from Ibarra, Ecuador with a team of 21 medical and church planting team members.  Hundreds of new believers were added to the family of God by His provision and Grace!   A 13 year old team member shared the Gospel daily at the medical clinic and in homes.  At the end of the week he was so excited about what God had done that he said, "you just can't get this anywhere else!"  He and his family plan to go back to Ecuador again next year. 

      Next I will be serving as the Medical Supervisor on the first ever e3 team going to Kyrgyzstan.  This area is part of the "Silk Road" that led from China to Europe in ancient times.  I'm so excited about meeting this new people group and sharing Jesus with them as we provide medical care.  I would love for you to share this excitement with me.  Having you on a trip with me in 2020 would mean the world to me.  Please pray about joining one of our short term mission teams.   

   We are currently recruiting for two teams to Maharashtra and West Bengal India scheduled for January 2020.  We will be returning to Ecuador June 23 to July 1, 2020 as well.  God is opening doors in other nations as well and we look forward to giving you all the details.  If you have the time to go on a trip, e3 Partners will do all the logistics, help you with fundraising, and provide all the training you will need.  My experience has been that when God calls someone to go, He will provide the way

      It's been my dream to go to the nations and I hope that you will consider being part of this opportunity with me. God is calling me to serve full time with Him and I am currently seeking to raise support to do just that.  Every donation is important and will enable me to be present and help others in need. Would you consider making a monthly donation and become part of my Ministry Partners?  Nobody can do this alone and often people cannot travel out of the country, but God rewards those who give and those who pray right along with those who can go.   I would be honored and most grateful to have you on our Ministry Partner team.  

Thank you so much for being a part of my life and helping me accomplish something that's important to all of us!   Blessings,   Kathy Wilhelm

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