Kevin Maxwell's e3 Partners Fundraiser

BIG NEWS! I will be serving full time with e3 Partners as a Catalyst CPM Missionary in S. Florida where 96% of the population is unchurched! I'm so excited about serving in this capacity and I would like to invite you to partner with me in this ministry.

This fundraiser on Pure Charity through e3 Partners is provided to help raise the funding that I need for the mission. It's been my dream to go and serve and I hope that you will consider being part of this opportunity with me. I will be supported 100% by the financial giving of support partners like you!

Every donation is important and will enable me to be present and able to work with our e3 USA team to fulfill the ministry vision of e3 Partners USA which is to EQUIP God's people to EVANGELIZE His world and ESTABLISH His Church.  Would you kindly consider making a tax-deductible monthly donation? Also, I would appreciate your willingness to share this with others who may want to participate.

Thank you so much for being a part of my life and helping me accomplish something that's important to all of us!- God Bless!- Kevin Maxwell

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    Posted a week ago

    I wanted to share with all of my support partners that I will be posting updates and also blog articles pertaining to the e3 Partners Ministry on the following blog site. It is easy to remember and share with others:

    Thanks for your support of this ministry!

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    K. Maxwell

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