e3 Giving Day

Thursday, September 10, 2020

e3 Giving Day 2020 is from 6AM until midnight on Thursday, September 10th to help raise awareness and support for e3 Partners staff. Every donation preferenced for an e3 staff account on that day will be enhanced by a $100,000 pool of bonus funds. That means on September 10th, every dollar you give will be worth more than $1!

This is an opportunity to go above and beyond, to help us do more. More people hearing the gospel. More churches planted. More lives transformed by Christ.



Your contributions preferenced for e3 staff directly supports their efforts around the world, giving them access to critical resources and funds that strengthen our partnerships overseas. Below is a list of those who currently have a fundraising page for their support. Just browse the listing below to find the individual you wish to support.

Jorgensen 2020 e3 Giving Day

One-time donations:
Amount Raised: $6,820
Recurring donations:
Amount Raised: $0
  • $15,180
    One-time Goal
  • $8,360
    One-time Still Needed
  • $1,265
    Recurring Goal
  • $1,265
    Recurring Still Needed
Thanks to everyone who has supported Mike and Woodlyn's ministry these past 28+ years at e3 Partners / I Am Second. You make it possible for them to do what they do, and you share in the spiritual fruit that results.

All gifts given on Sept 10, 2020 or on Sept 11 until 1 pm CT will receive a bonus from a $100,000 bonus pool. Last year the bonus was 22%, but the amount varies each year based on how much is donated on Giving Day to all e3 staff.

Thanks for supporting their ministry with e3 Partners / I Am Second. Your support enables them to help people encounter Jesus in unexpected places. 

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