I am Second - Welch Documentary

From the pages of rock publications to the frustrated posts of fans across the planet, the hopeful rumors never stopped swirling.

Head will return.

But for seven long years, since Brian Welch abandoned KoRn to find God, these musings were mere misfires.

Until the spring of 2012.

With a spontaneous one song reunion chipping away at the ice, news began to circulate that the band and its former lead guitarist were open to reconciliation. The rumors now had teeth.

Brian  Jonathan embrace at Carolina Rebellionphoto by Chad Martel

 photo by Chad Martel

A year would pass before buzz became reality – and for those who knew the full story, the idea of Brian’s return would raise the hairs on the back of their necks.

What has he become?

Punctuated with unearthed archival footage and candid interviews, this genre-bending documentary offers a rare glimpse inside one of rock’s most enigmatic acts as they author a new chapter.  A family, of sorts, embracing both light and dark, as the wake of an untamed faith crashes against the shore of the past.

Principal photography of the film has been completed. Your financial gifts help finish editing the film and preparing it for distribution to the widest audience possible- theatrically, on television, streaming and any other viewing option. Help bring the story to life- and to a mainstream audience!

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