Through your experience and engagement with I Am Second, you’re now probably familiar with the Live Second concept – putting Jesus and others first.  So, you’re likely now asking yourself, “What do I do now?” Great question! The simple answer is, you dig deeper. You keep growing in your understanding of Jesus and your relationship with Him.  You tell others about Him, and you share your own story too! “But how do I do those things?” Great question again!  That’s where we can help.

As the parent organization of I Am Second, e3 Partners is dedicated to taking God’s story to every person and people-group around the world.  There are several ways we help people just like yourself learn how to share your story, and God’s story, with others.

Learning how to tell your story begins with a deeper understanding of the life Jesus wants you to live as a follower of Him.  Through a training we call Gospel Conversations, you will learn 4 things that will help you grow in your spiritual journey.  As a result you will understand:

  • Why your identity is in Him
  • Who you can share your story with
  • What to say to tell your story
  • When you can share your story with others

These trainings are led by people who are using these practical concepts themselves everyday.  They’re sharing their story and telling others about Jesus in their spheres of influence.  If this idea piques your interest, or you just want to learn more, click here.

Once you’re ready to share your story, and God’s story with others, you can do just that on an e3 Virtual Trip!  These virtual trips are a new way to grow as a Jesus follower, and to share your story with others around the world through digital media.  With the travel restrictions in place due to the current pandemic, e3 Partners has developed a strategy to work with national partners in countries throughout the world to share God’s story and experience the cultural distinctives of places currently not open to physical travel.  Through e3’s virtual trips you can be a part of a team that has the same desire to share God’s story in a destination of your choosing.  Interested?  Click below to learn more.