• Mongolia - XG18A

    October 24, 2018 - November 2, 2018

    The ger community is now moving closer and closer to the capital city. Many of these communities do not have a church. We will be training leadership from a local church that would like to plant Bible studies that would become churches in these gers. Read More ›

  • Bujumbura, Burundi - BI18C

    October 30, 2018 - November 14, 2018

    Burundi is a beautiful, tropical, civil war-torn land of many opportunities. People are hungry for food and for the Bible. Living conditions are harsh: limited food, water, power, and shelter. Read More ›

  • Buenos Aires, Argentina - AR18D

    November 1-11, 2018

    Argentina is a country desperate for the gospel of Jesus Christ. For centuries, the people of Argentina have labored to find the messsage of salvation by faith in the middle of a culture that teaches that salvation is gained by works and religion. Read More ›

  • Fiche, Ethiopia - ET18H

    November 1-11, 2018

    Ethiopia Medical Trip Positioned in the horn of Africa, Ethiopia is one of the continent’s oldest independent nations. It experiences both fertile, mountainous plateaus and drought-prone lowlands. Read More ›

  • Puyo, Ecuador - EC18F

    November 2-10, 2018

    Our team will come alongside four pastors and their congregations helping them visit persons they know who are close to them but far from God. We will share our testimonies as well as the Gospel. Read More ›

  • Middle East - XS18B

    November 3-12, 2018

    Join us as we minister to the Russian-speaking people in the Middle East.

  • Dublin, Ireland - IE18D

    November 6-13, 2018

    Ireland is a country of extreme beauty and once had a well established Christian heritage. This heritage is diminishing quickly, and we need to revitalize this nation for Christ. Read More ›

  • Michoacan, Mexico - MX18B

    November 10-17, 2018

    Mexico is a country desperate for the clear gospel of Jesus Christ. For centuries the people of Mexico have labored to find the message of salvation by faith in a culture that teaches salvation is gained through a religious system of works. Read More ›

  • Volgograd, Russia - RU18I

    November 10-20, 2018

    There are 2.6 million lost souls in this beautiful region of Russia...and some loving, committed national leaders who are very grateful for their partnership with e3. Read More ›

  • Abuja, Nigeria - NG18B

    November 16-26, 2018

    This trip will focus on sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ in prisons and in unreached villages. Click here to watch a brief e3partners trip video:https://e3partners. Read More ›

  • Chitwan, Nepal - NP18B

    December 26, 2018 - January 6, 2019

    While barely larger than the state of Arkansas, the country is home to the impressive Himalayas. Daunting mountain peaks and steep cliffs tower over the land. We will be loving the beautiful Nepali people and working towards community transformation.

  • Canalipe, Nicaragua - NI19C

    January 5-12, 2019

    Did you know that Nicaragua is the poorest country in Central America and 2nd poorest in the Western Hemisphere?Life is difficult in Nicaragua, and bringing the Good News of Jesus Christ is bringins LIVING WATER to thirsty souls. Read More ›

  • Fort Portal, Uganda - UG19A

    January 17-28, 2019

    Ugandans need Jesus. Many know His name but are not followers of Jesus. Over 90% of those living in Fort Portal Uganda claim to be Christian, but the majority have no understanding of the freedom in being born again and what it means to have a personal relationship with Jesus. Read More ›

  • Middle East - XJ19A

    January 18-27, 2019

    WHAT WE'RE DOINGThe current refugee crisis has presented a unique opportunity to proclaim the Gospel and disciple those who might not otherwise hear God’s redemptive story. Read More ›

  • Felipillo, Panama - PA19C

    February 9-16, 2019

    Panama is a country desperate for the gospel of Jesus Christ. While some think that Panama is an evangelized country, in reality, less than 25% of the people are evangelical Christians. Read More ›

  • Camaguey, Cuba - CU19A

    February 9-17, 2019

    Cuba is a place like no other! It is a beautiful island full of old cars and amazing people. God's spirit is moving across the land, and the people are hungry for the Gospel. Read More ›

  • Ziway, Ethiopia - ET19D

    February 27, 2019 - March 16, 2019

    We will be returning to this Muslim-dominated region to share the love of Christ through Bible stories, our testimonies and the Gospel. We are praying that God would use us to plant many new house churches in the rural villages we will visit. Read More ›

  • Middle East - XB19A

    March 1-10, 2019

    You will have the opportunity to minister to both refugees and nationals in this Middle East country as we demonstrate God's love through Medical and Eyeglass clinics and home visits. Read More ›

  • Bucaramanga, Colombia - CO19F

    March 2-9, 2019

    With a greater metropolitan population of about one million, Bucaramanga, the capital of Santander, is one of Colombia's major cities. God is doing great things in Bucaramanga as churches are being established and many people are open to the Gospel. Read More ›

  • Limón, Costa Rica - CR19B

    March 9-16, 2019

    We will be partnering with Samford University - School of Nursing to put on medical clinics for the under served people in Limón. The people here do not receive the same medical services that most Costa Rican citizens because they are segregated due to race and culture. Read More ›

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