Mobilization Story: August 2021

Hi! I’m Mike T. and I’ve been on staff with e3 Partners since 1998. I just returned from the Dominican Republic where our mission team witnessed over 1,600 professions of faith in just 5 days! Please read on to learn more about how the Lord is moving within this Caribbean nation.

My time at e3 started two decades ago, shortly after I completed my seminary education. God gave me a heart for the nations, but I didn’t know how to get started. Someone invited me to go on an e3 mission trip to West Africa and the rest is history! Now, the Lord has taken me all around the world to share the Gospel in places where people truly hunger for His love, including Colombia, Malawi, Tanzania, Venezuela, and more.

Currently an e3 Strategy Coordinator for the Dominican Republic, I visit the country twice a year on average, developing local church-planting strategies alongside our national partners who permanently reside in the country. The total population numbers 10 million, but a sizable 21% (or roughly 2 million) identify as atheist or agnostic. A recent study revealed that atheism is making gains in the country, which only motivates us to reach the unreached with a greater sense of urgency.

In March 2020, I was in the Dominican Republic when the pandemic took hold. Ten of our mission team members contracted COVID. Eventually, we evacuated and the country shut down. During the fifteen long months that followed, we could no longer travel to the country due to government restrictions, so we continued our work by meeting with our national partners via Zoom and by telephone.

At long last, we were able to return in late July 2021. It was quite emotional and exciting for our team of 27 trip participants to physically set foot in the Dominican Republic after the tumultuous events of 2020. Upon arrival, we hit the ground running. In less than a week, we met with 18 local churches and equipped more than 1,200 local believers to share the Gospel and create home-based churches for discipleship. We started each day with praise & worship of our Heavenly Father, and at the conclusion of our trip, The Lord had moved to produce 1,652 new professions of faith. Yes, our God is truly astounding!

As I reflect upon the events that transpired on this short-term trip, it seems as if the struggles of 2020 only made us stronger. Our team, the national partners, and the local believers were on fire to share the Gospel, and the unreached were more receptive to hearing the Good News of Jesus Christ!

Next up, in late September, I’ll co-lead a trip to Cúcuta, Colombia, which borders Venezuela. Here, we will partner with 20 Colombian churches and 17 Venezuelan churches to replicate the type of outreach described above. As you may know, the people of Venezuela have suffered greatly due to an economic crisis and they need the message of Jesus now more than ever. Thank you in advance for your prayers, as we continue to equip believers and make disciples around the globe.