Mobilization Updates: December 2021

Hi! I’m Julia S., a Strategy Coordinator for the MECANA region. This fall, I had the opportunity to travel with a small team to the Middle East in order to share the Gospel and train others. Here’s a brief recap of our trip.

The trip participants split into two separate teams, and we conducted both 4 Fields training and trauma healing training while there. Whenever possible, we want to be sensitive to local cultures and customs during our evangelism training efforts. In this part of the world, men sometimes wear a particular four-sided hat. As such, we were able to incorporate the style of the local hat into the training. For example, we had the participants write specific words from the 411 Training on each of hats’ four sides. Our goal with the 4 Fields training is to raise up local leaders who can continue to multiply disciples of Jesus Christ year-round in this area.

Our team also offered trauma healing training. Within certain parts of the Middle East, many women are in search of healing, including those who have sadly been forced into abusive marriages. We trained some local women, participants gave testimonies about God’s ability to heal, and one woman came forward to receive Jesus! God is clearly opening up the door to Christ in the MECANA region through this ministry of trauma healing, and it’s significant because trauma healing never really ends. It is based on God’s desire for wholeness and produces effective workers for the harvest. In fact, it feels as if God is preparing His bride for a great harvest in this area.

During our trip, we continued to see individuals, groups, and churches who wanted to know more about trauma healing! In fact, at one point we attended a church conference with approximately 200 participants, and to our surprise, nearly 100 women wanted to participate in a breakout session on the topic of trauma healing.

While in the country, it was extremely cold. Unfortunately, the weather was so bad that the second team was involved in a serious car accident during a snow storm in a remote area of the country. Every corner of their vehicle was damaged! It seems as though they experienced a miracle, however, because no one in the car was injured. We praise God for His divine protection over the second team, and for His provision so that the car could be repaired.

At the conclusion of our trip, we were able to travel to another part of the Middle East for a Strategy Coordinator conference with other long-term workers and their families. We exchanged stories and strategies regarding what God is accomplishing in the Middle East. I would like to invite you to pray for the millions of non-believers in this portion of the world to receive the salvation of Jesus Christ. Thanks for reading my story and may God bless you.