Create a New Trip

New Trip Proposal Process – Teams and External Funding Only

  1. Click here to complete the Trip Proposal Request Form.
  2. Your trip-specific Proposal will be created and shared with you in Google Drive. You will receive an email message with the link and your new trip code. Once you have clicked to open the link, you will be able to find it in your Shared with me items in your Drive or access it by searching by the trip code.
  3. Complete the following tabs of the Proposal:
    • Proposal
    • COVID-19
    • Budget Expenses
    • Price Picker
    • Pricing and Gifts (In the Price Type column, choose Free, Hard Cost, or Full Price to match your Target Team on the Proposal tab. The Price column will automatically populate from your Price Picker tab.)
    • Check the Budget Summary tab to make sure the trip will cash flow with the budget and number of participants you set up.
  4. Once #3 is complete, go to the Approvals Tab of your Proposal to send to all approvers listed.  They will give their approval on your proposal.
  5. After you receive all approvals, you are ready to add your trip to the e3 Partners website using Pure Charity. Click here to download the instructions to enter your trip. Please follow the instructions exactly.
  6. Click on the link below to enter your new CP trip.