Let the world know you’re second. Decals, apparel, iPad sleeves, wristbands – we have it all. Creatively express your second-ness to with the gear you use most.


We understand inspiration and it all started with EvangeCube. We provide a variety of tools, including a line of education cubes aimed at fighting the world’s toughest humanitarian issues.


Find all of your e3 gear in one place. Pick up cubes, t-shirts, business accessories, and more. We have everything you need to prepare for your upcoming trip.

“My favorite part about e3 is that they are so intentional. They work hard to ensure that your trip makes a difference in people’s lives.”

// Jenny

Ron Hazard's Staff Support Fundraiser

Therefore go ...

Since 1995, I have been part of trips to different countries throughout the world sharing the love of Jesus with those who have not heard.  Since then, I have been to 12 countries and focusing since 2014 on the Middle East. My greatest joy in life is to tell people about Jesus who have never heard.  Your partnership will enable me to continue bringing Jesus to those who have not heard!

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