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“My favorite part about e3 is that they are so intentional. They work hard to ensure that your trip makes a difference in people’s lives.”

// Jenny

Shelby Borrello's e3 Partners Fundraiser

God is doing something amazing in the world today.  Behind all the news headlines, he is working among people groups to draw all people to himself.  Through the years, he has worked in my heart and is calling me into mission full-time.

e3 Partners is a global missions agency advancing the Gospel and establishing the Church in over 65 countries.  I belong to a body of over 400 staff and 2,000 national partners sharing his Gospel among the nations.  

Will you join my mission?  Your monthly support provides for my practical needs, protects me against financial emergencies that may disrupt my ministry, and supplies ongoing training and resources.  

Through your financial support, you become a part of everything God does through me.  YOU are making an impact on the Kingdom with your contributions!   Just click the “Donate” button above to get started!  

Thank you in advance for your generosity!


    Posted a week ago

    As I write to you today I am feeling thankful.

    God has used you to impact a nation. Let that sit in for a minute (selah). Your support truly enables me to have the time to pray, mobilize, disciple, and serve India. You are very much a part of every single trip that I go on. I want to make sure you know how thankful I am for your support. I am praying for you. The way the Kingdom works is God watches specifically over those who are Kingdom minded. (Matthew 6:33) He is working on your behalf when you don't even know it. If we could see what are dedication does in the Spiritual, I believe we all would fall to our knees. I'm sharing the number of salvations to you so you can see a small portion of what your support has done. There's so much more. 2988 salvations this year! This is not counting a couple of trips we've done. I am SO thankful for you. I love you. There's so much more coming. 

    Forever grateful,

    Posted by:
    Shelby Borrello

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