Romania is an agriculturally rich region that has enjoyed steady progress since overthrowing its communist regime in 1989. Its Black Sea coastlines have become a popular tourism destination while the Carpathian Mountains tower over the west.

Beginning in 1947, Romania became an independent communist state with a highly oppressive regime. The secret police were among the most ruthless and invasive in Eastern Europe. Under communist rule, the Church faced widespread persecution. Christians endured forced labor, torture, exile, and even death. 

In December 1989, a swift and bloody revolution swept through Romania following the government’s attempted ousting of pastor László Tőkés in Timișoara. Protests turned into riots that eventually led to the arrest and execution of President Nicolae Ceaușescu on Christmas Day. 

Since the fall of communism, a significant revival has swept through Romania. The pain endured by so many Christians has set the stage for an amazing new chapter in the Church’s history and you can be a part of it.

Today, there are nearly 6,000 churches established across the country. With Europe’s fourth largest evangelical population, Romania has become a strategic focus for missions agencies who are planting churches in the country’s unchurched villages. Still, 67,000 people remain completely unreached within Romania and countless communities are still without a local church.