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Romania is an agriculturally rich region that has enjoyed steady progress since overthrowing its communist regime in 1989. Its Black Sea coastlines have become a popular tourism destination while the Carpathian Mountains tower over the west.

Decades of persecution have forged an unrelenting resolve among Christians to spread the Gospel. Today, there are nearly 6,000 churches established across the country. With Europe’s fourth largest evangelical population, Romania has become a strategic focus for missions agencies who are planting churches in the country’s unchurched villages.  Still, 67,000 people remain completely unreached within Romania and countless communities are still without a local church.

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Vital Statistics

Population: 21,729,871

Life Expectancy: 74 Years

Religions: Eastern Orthodoxy (82%), Roman Catholicism (4%), Unspecified (6%)

Languages: Romanian


  • Suceava, Romania - RO19A

    July 4-14, 2019

    The birth place of an old civilization, Suceava is located in the North Eastern part of Romania, in an area known as Bucoviana, with a strong cultural and social influence from Transylvania. Read More ›

  • Constanta, Romania - RO19B

    September 5-15, 2019

    Lying at the crossroads of the major lines of communication between the Western and Eastern worlds, Constanta is a bustling area of almost 350,000 people. In this major seaport on the western coast of the Black Sea, two million tourists visit the beautiful beaches and nearby mineral spas every year. Read More ›