Shepherd’s Corner: May 2022

Hello! I’m Lucy Allen, Content Director for I Am Second, and I’d like to take a moment to share where we’re headed as the digital media ministry of e3 Partners. In 2021 alone, I Am Second amassed more than 47 million content views; our team is humbled that God continues to draw large numbers of people through our raw and real online storytelling. Looking ahead to the future, we want to reach even more people. To accomplish this, we’re exploring some really exciting opportunities. For example, in March 2022, we launched a new series on TBN Africa that has the capacity to reach millions of additional viewers across the continent!

The I Am Second team also wants to take more online visitors from viewing to doing. We will accomplish this by encouraging our viewers to join the Live Second online community, where they can have candid conversations about Jesus and access practical ways to live out their faith. We’re demonstrating how people can share Jesus through a simple and approachable video series, exclusive video and written content that dives deeper into what it means to live Second, an online forum, and more—ultimately driving them toward e3’s training and trips. Speaking of that, have you seen the video series that demonstrates how easy it can be to share God’s story? This is a great online tool to add to your e3 toolbox.

With our growth in mind, the I Am Second team plans to increase the overall volume of content that we share with our audiences each year. As such, we’re excited to welcome new team members Christina Tripp (Managing Editor, I Am Second) and Lane Ditore (Media Production Coordinator, I Am Second), who will help us scale up our efforts. Additionally, Vice President and Executive Producer of I Am Second John Humphrey will oversee the media efforts of both e3 Partners and I Am Second to ensure that we have a comprehensive approach spanning both parts of the ministry.

Please pray for the expansion of I Am Second. And, set aside a few minutes to watch our latest White Chair Film featuring Sarah Taylor, which will remind you (and countless others) that God is with us and actively working in our darkest moments.

Lucy Allen
Content Director
I Am Second