Trips to South America

Medellin, Colombia CO21G

Nov 6-13, 2021

Medellin is a major metropolitan city, filled with people who know the name Jesus but not the meaning. They know he died on the cross but not why or what Jesus has to do with their lives. You'll work along-side an extensive network of trained and motivated local churches to start new churches in unreached neighborhoods and towns to reach these people. We will train you to raise all your necessary funds, teach you how to introduce Jesus to people one-on-one and show you how to help start new churches by forming home Bible studies among the locals. Each person will have their own translator to help them communicate and guide them through local culture and customs. So come, join us in sharing Jesus with people who know God loves the world but have never heard that God loves them.              


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Trip Type: Opportunity

Region: South America

Location: Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia