Chris Toriz's Staff Support Fundraiser

Chris & Peggy lived in the Middle East for 14 years, covering the ME for Awana for 20 years. Now Chris is a Country Strategy Director with e3 Partners.
He is only trying to raise his ministry support funds.
He has been on many e3 expeditions: to Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Malawi and the UAE..
He went on 2 back to back expeditions to Malawi in June 2015, it was such a blessing, as God worked in a mighty way.  
He went to Egypt in Nov 2016 on a medical trip.
Chris went to Germany in 2016 to minister to refugees there.
In 2016-17 he co-led three refugee trips to Lebanon. Again God worked in a mighty way, with many coming to Christ. .
Contact him for trip details and reports of previous trips.
Please pray for hearts of the refugees to be soft & ready to receive the Word. That He would lead us to people of peace (Luke 10:5-6)

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